Hi friends and welcome to my world!

My name is Julia Shore and I am an modern embroidery and fiber artist based in California.

My mission as an artist is to bring a sense of peace and calm into your life. Through my art, I hope to inspire a deeper connection with Nature and with yourself within you.

I discovered hand embroidery in 2018. Becoming a mother sparked a need in me to express my creativity in a calm and mindful way. That is how I found comfort in this meditative craft.

I use embroidery and beading as my medium because it allows me to capture the intricate details of the living world. And also it helps me to stay present, mindful and feel strong connection to Nature.

Here at Natural Minimalism I try to practice my art in a conscious way, using and repurposing natural materials, being responsible about packaging.

Each embroidery art piece is individually designed and carefully created by my own hands. I try to practice my art in a mindful and ethical way, use and reuse as much natural materials as possible.

My personal mission is to bring more love and compassion to the world. I believe that beauty has the power to fill your heart with love. And a loving heart makes the world around beautiful. Everything is interconnected. We all are interconnected.